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Tablet Mode

Navigating the tablet mode on your laptop

When you push the screen back all the way on your new Dell 5300 laptop you will notice it will turn into “tablet mode”.


It’s best if you are just getting used to the new laptop to select the “ask me before switching” That way you can be prompted each time you move the screen in the tablet position.


If you accidentally click to “not prompt”, follow the steps to navigate to the settings to either turn “off” the tablet mode or allow the prompt to appear again.

  1. Navigate to the “search” bar in the taskbar
  2. Type “Tablet mode
  3. Click on the “tablet mode settings


  1. When the next menu item appears, click the “use the appropriate mode for my hardware” This will allow the prompt to reappear.




Please also ensure that “Always ask me before switching” is selected in the “when this device automatically switched tablet mode on or off” dialog box

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