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Syncing Desktop Files with OneDrive

To prepare for your migration back up your desktop icons/documents/pictures OneDrive

To begin:

  1. Open One drive by clicking on the magnifying glass on the taskbar.
  2. Type “one drive” in the search bar.


  1. A blue “one drive” cloud will now appear in your taskbar
  2. Right Click on that cloud
  3. Click on the “… more” a dialog will appear like below:






  1. Click “settings
  2. A “ Microsoft OneDrive box “will appear
  3. Click on the “back up” tab


  1. Click on the “manage backup” button the following dialog box will appear:

  1. Ensure all three boxes are checked “desktop, documents and pictures
  2. Select “Start backup
  3. Your desktop files/documents/pictures will now start to sync to one drive


15. You may click on the “view sync progress” to view the process

16. This will prepare your files for the migration. You may verify that your files are actually on one drive by navigating to the “file exploreron your taskbar


  1. You will now see folders/files called


  1. You will now also notice your desktop icons will display with green checkboxes on them. That means they are syncing to One Drive.

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