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Cloud Desktop Remote Connection Security

We do not restrict specific devices from connecting to Cloud Desktops. We do however encourage safe computing practices by setting strong passwords/passcodes, regularly applying operating system/software updates and utilizing an antivirus agent.

We also would like to remind you to be careful when connecting to your Cloud Desktop from unsecure networks, computers, or devices. If you wouldn’t feel comfortable accessing sensitive information such as your bank account, please do not access your Cloud Desktop from these networks — your account could be compromised.

Penn State provides Symantec Antivirus to all Penn State faculty, staff, and students for free. This software can be obtained from and is available for Windows, Macintosh and Unix/Linux machines.

We highly recommend using the official Microsoft Remote Desktop app when connecting from mobile devices. It is available for Android, Apple and Microsoft operating systems and can be obtained from the official app stores.

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